Art 103 Final

On a blank sheet of paper, please CLEARLY print your first and last name in the upper right corner.  If I am unable to read your name, you will not receive any points.

Numbering each line from 1-20, please identify the artist who created the works in these images.

Please clearly PRINT the artist first name followed by the last name, (or the name of the group/collective) as written in the excel study guide.

Each correctly identified image you will receive 1 point. (Total 20 Points) You will not receive any points if I am unable to read your writing, partial names, (eg. only last names) or if the name is grossly misspelled.

You can receive 1 extra credit points per 5 slides you are able to correctly identify the Name of the work as written in the excel study guide, (additional 4 points total.)  Please write this information to the right of the artist name. (Sample Format)


  1. You will have about 20 seconds to identify the artist and write their name.
  2. After I have gone through all of the slides, I will go through them a second time, again, spending approximately 20 seconds per slide.
  3. I will give you time at the end of the end of the exam to rewrite your answers on a clean sheet of paper if you have made excessive errors. (Anything over 3 scribbled out answers should be rewritten.)
  4. Five minutes after the second round I will call for the tests.
  5. Before turning in your test, please take a photo of it.  I will post the answers online by Dec. 13, 2017 so you can see how you did.
  6. I will do a 3rd round for any students who need more time, pausing to allocate sufficient time on individual slides, at student requests.