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Color Theory – The Basics

Color Theory:

The primary colors are those colors that go together to make up all other colors. (Red, Blue and Yellow)

The secondary colors are located in between the primary colors. The secondary colors are those that are made up by combining equal parts of two primary colors.
(green, orange and purple)

Tertiary colors are located in between a primary and secondary color. They are created by combining equal parts of a secondary and primary color. (eg. blue-green)

Color schemes (the combination of colors within a work of art):

A triadic color scheme is bold and eye-catching and created when three colors that are equally-spaced on the color wheel are combined.

An analogous color scheme is more subtle and harmonious and created by combining colors that are located directly next to each other on the color wheel.

Monochromatic color schemes are calming and harmonious created by using various tones of the same color.

Tints and Shades:

Tints can create a softer and more delicate feel and created by combining any hue of color with white.

Shades can create a heaviness and created by combining any hue of color with black.


Shopping cart SEO configuration

C. SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”

When adding a product or category it is important to fill out “keyword” in the Meta fields and SEO Keyword. Please click on and review the following screenshots that highlights how this information will be used by google search results, and more importantly how it’s presented to the viewer to influence clicks.