Classroom Etiquette and Rules

  • Sit in your Assigned Seats
  • After 3 absences your seat will be reassigned & your grade will be lowered. 3 tardies equal 1 absence.
  • Cell Phone’s Ringers need to be on Vibrate or silent-mode.
  • Keep the volume turned off your computer. Bring your own Headphones.
  • No Eating, No Drinking in the classroom. Cup or bottle with a lid are allowed for beverages.No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Drugs. Don’t come to class smelling like weed or booze.
  • No Photographs, Recording or Video-Taping of Instructors or students in the classroom.
    Watch your valuables, it can get stolen. Your responsible for your own equipment that you bring to class.
  • No Borrowing or Lending of each other personal devices. You will get an F.
  • Log ON & OFF to your own Desktop. DO NOT THROW OUT anything that does not belong to you that is on the computer.
  • Be on Time. Make sure your computer is working BEFORE class starts.
    Show up to class. Online resources are intended to compliment lectures & will not work as a substitute.
  • If you need to contact me, please Email me. Do Not Call me. Appointments via Email with 3-4 days advance notice.
  • DO NOT contribute to a hostile environment.
  • Be Courteous & Respectful to others.
  • Pick up and clean up after yourself.
  • Do not put your bags, purses or backpacks on top of power outlets or Ethernet cables
  • Occasionally I will come early or stay late to open the Lab for Students. I will not be a lab monitor or offer any assistance. If you need my help, schedule an appointment with me.