Digital Editing Project 3

1. Movie Trailer > Change Genre (See samples below)

Durration can be 30, 60 or 90 seconds with allowance up to -2 frames under / not over. You must convert this to quicktime and burn it onto a DVD using IDVD. You will need to create your own DVD menu. Final grades will only be given to those who turn it inon DVD AND your fcp file (media is not necessary.) If you have any questions on this, please ask.


FALL 2011 – Winner – Category: Trailer Mash “Lion King – Star Wars”

FALL 2011- Winner – Category:Trailer Genre Recut “The Cat in the Hat”


(You may download a mpeg from and audio effects from flaskit) Samples:

1. open application “Handbrake”

  • insert dvd
  • DVD Player will open automatically, use the short comman “Command” and “Q” to quit.
  • select dvd as “source”
  • select apple tv” from handbrake preset sidebar
  • hit start

2. open application “Quicktime”

  • go to file > open – and open the file you just exported form handbrake
  • export as DVD stream
  • under options sect 16:9 wide fomat if necessary
  • safe as .dv

OR you can use media encoder with these settings.

3. created new project in fcp

  • save project as “trailer.fcp” a new folder (eg. “final”) folder in your student folder
  • hide FCP, create a new foled “media” in the “final” folder
  • move the .dv file into your “media” folder
  • return to fcp, frpm the file menu choose “import” and import your .dv file into fcp
  • created a sequence (new)
  • drop the file in the timeline adding in and out points
  • return to the browser and double click you .dv file opening it up again the viewer.
  • set new in and out points and add again to your time line
  • repeat
  • add music, graphics, text, and voiceover as an needed.

4. Export your sequence using Quicktime Conversion to your student folder

5. Open iDVD

  • Drop your exported Quicktime file into iDVD and rename to “Play”
  • Change the title to your movie title.
  • Add graphics and audio
  • Burn the DVD

6. Turn in quicktime file on a CD and