Digital Editing Quiz 1


1. Open up NTSC Tutorial Project 1
2. Save the project as “Quiz1.fcp”
3. Create a new sequence called “Dance”
4. Double click on it to open up the timeline
5. Add the clip ROB DIALOGUE
6. Activate the Canvas, select the “home” key and set the IN point at 1 second 23 frames.
7. Move the playhead over (from the in point) 3 seconds and 22 frames and set this as your OUT point. (Remember to “+” add it)
8. Shut the audio tracks off in your timeline
9. Double click on the clip ” BLOOMIES” to open it in the viewer.
10. In the viewer, set an OUT point 5 seconds from the beginning of the clip. (Select the “home” key then “+5.” Remember the “period”.)
11. Drag the BLOOMIES clip from the viewer to the canvas and drop into “Overwrite”.
12. With the snaptool active, position your playhead at the end of BLOOMIES.
13. Move “JOHNNY AND CARI” to the timeline and “ROUND AND ROUND” simultaneously, using the command key.
14. Deactivate the snaptool.
15. Using the SLIP TOOL reposition the IN point of BLOOMIES to 4:21
16. Using the ROLL EDIT TOOL, roll out the BLOOMIES clip overJohnny looking at the camera. The new in point should be 43:07
17. Select the SELECTION TOOL, activate the canvas, and postion the playhead of the round and round clip to 12:21 (in the canvas)
18. Press the marker button once, then again to edit it. (Make sure your canvas is selected and NOTHING IS SELECTED IN THE TIMELINE.)
19. Double click “”ROUND AND ROUND” in the timeline to bring into the Viewer. Using the scrubber, reposition the playhead to 25:10
20. Drag the clip from the view over to “replace”.
21 * Select the Timeline and move the playhead home. Type “20.” (don’t forget the period) to the twenty second mark and add the clip OVERHEAD
22. Turn the snapping back on, and position the playhead at the end of round and round.
23. From the browser, drag JEREMY SOLO to “overwrite > with transition.”
24. Select the transition, (make sure you select the entire transition) from the apple menu “effect”, change “video transitions” to “wipe” > “center wipe”
25. Hold down the control key, and select transition. From the pop up menu select duration and change to 20 frames.
26. Save Project.