Extra Credit

Extra Credit can be obtained through visiting museums and art galleries.
(Points TBD by class/instructors)

  1. Please visit the museum website prior to visiting, paying attention to hours of operation, parking, admission fees (and free days.)  Properly planning your trip is important as you will discover that many galleries will be within walking distance of each other so it would be possible to visit two or three on an outing.
  2. Please fill out the Museum/Gallery Questionaire
    You will need to also include your ticket stub (stapled to the back) and show me a “selfie” in front of an artwork (this can be just shown from your phone to the instructor when turned in.)

Approved Museums


  • Museum of Jurassic Technology


Art Slant

View Public Art work. Take selfie and submit review.

Lucy Blake – Longbeach Station
Jud Fine – Dowtown Library
Barbara Mccarren – Pershing Square
Jenny Holtzer – USC Fisher Gallery

You can also take a selfie and review galleries in the following districts, (up to 4 galleries per district. ) Please plan  your visits ahead by visiting the websites of the galleries.  Most districts are organized so that they have openings on the same day of the month.
Culver City
Bergamont Station Oct 1 (SAT) Several Openings
China Town / Chung King Road