Web Design 2 Overview

This class will focus on seld directed project – developing your own website.
Most of the class will be dedicated to lab hours to complete it.

You will be graded on your final website, due at the end of class and by the completed items below:

1. Defining Your Project.

Please be prepared to discuss wesite(s) that you want to develop in this class. Have a clear objective for your site.

– Read the following article: Define Goals and Objectives for your website.

2. Identity.

– Create the logo and corp idenitity pack. Examples USC identity. (PDF) | Twitter

– Read the follwoing articles: Pro Guide to Logo Design | Common Mistakes in Logo Design | What we learned..

– Resources: Color-Hex | Basic Color Theory | Google Fonts

3. Marketing Consideration in Design

Please define the action elements on your website and read the following articles:

How to increase sales online

Don’t use carousels

53 ways to increase conversion rate

3 ways to Increase Sales

4. Create Social Media Templates

Twitter, Youtube and Facebook

Please follow rules you set up in your identity pack

5. Final Websites

please include links to your social media pages