Web Design – Assignment 1


Using Text Edit, create a 5 page website using simple html, name these pages:

“index.html” (aka the “home page”), “winter.html”, “spring.html”, “summer.html” and “fall.html”

This should be done in plain text. (Simple Text: Format> Make plain text)

An example of the “source code” for the home page can be can be found below.

You will need to create a folder in your student folder to save these pages in. Call this “a1”. Create a folder in this folder and call it “images”. Download 4 seasons images and place them in your image folder. Each page should meet the following 4 criteria:

1. Navigation bar on each page.

home | winter | spring | summer | fall

Do not link a page to itself.

2. Each page should have a title.

“The Four Seasons” “Winter” “Spring” Summer” “Fall”

3. Each page should be centered.

4. Each page should state it’s subject under the image.

For Example, “This page is about the Fall.” or “This site is about the Four Seasons.”



Sample Source Code:



<title>The Four Seasons</title>




home | <a href=”winter.html”>winter</a> | <a href=”spring.html”>spring</a> | <a href=”summer.html”>summer</a> | <a href=”fall.html”>fall</a>


<img src=”images/seasons.jpg”>


This site is about the Four Seasons.