Web Design – Assignment 3

  1. Download the two gifs and save it to a floder called “a3 > “images” in your wlac.us folder. (you will need to create both of these folders.)
  2. Create a new file and save it as index.html in the a3 folder
  3. Insert a table 400 pixels wide. 8 columns, 8 rows, 0 spacing/padding/border
  4. Select the table and align center
  5. Title it “Checker Board”
  6. Highlight all of the cells and make the hieght and width 50
  7. Change all the cell backgrounds to yellow
  8. Using the command key, highlight every other cell and change it to light blue.
  9. In the first yellow cell, add the red checker. copy and paste that into yellow cell on the first 3 rows.
  10. Add the black circle to the opposite of the board, in side yellow rows.

The Final should look like this: