Web Design – Assignment 5

Assignment: Create an animated  flash Banner.

Steps to follow:

1. Open a new flash file (Apple+N).

2. Select Action Script 2.0.

3. Under  change document properties to 480 x 120 pixels and select OK.

4. If your timeline window should appear underneath your document..

5. Select the circle tool and make sure your color and stroke is filled in..

6. Select the first frame and draw a circle on the canvas.

     (or you can  Import an image onto stage, upon which you would want to implement motion tween, using File>Import> )

7. Now select your object on the stage and convert this image to a Symbol. (Modify > convert to symbol)

      Name your Symbol what ever you like.

      Select Graphic behavior and press OK.

      Note: You can create motion tween only on symbols. So any object upon which you would want to implement motion tween, First convert the object to a Symbol.

8. Right now your Symbol is in frame1 of Layer1. Select frame 24 insert a new keyframe.

Inset> Timeline> Keyframe

9.Select frame 1 and select Insert >Timeline> Classic Motion Tween. Now your Layer will look something like the one shown below.

10. Select frame 24, move your Symbol to any other position other than the present one.

11. Now press “Return” to view your motion tween.

12. Export your flash movie to your web sites images folder so you can later use is in dreamweaver.  Save your file as “sample.swf”.

File> Export Flash Movie

(You can later embed this to your web page using: insert > media > flash



After completing the above sample, create 3 banners on your own:

728×90 Leaderboard

160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle


Standard Banner Sizes:

728×90 Leaderboard
468 x 60 Banner
234 x 60 Half Banner Vertical
120 x 600 Skyscraper
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
120 x 240 Vertical Banner Square
336 x 280 Large Rectangle
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
250 x 250 Square
200 x 200 Small Square
180 x 150 Small Rectangle
125 x 125 Button