Web Design – Assignment 7

Tracing Images & Divs

Before you begin, create an “a7” folder and copy your image folder to this location.

1. Download the image below.
Drop this image in your a7/images folder

2. In dreamweaver, create a new file called “index.html” and save it to the a7 folder.
(when you “create a new file” make sure it is HTML and not CSS)

3. Use this screenshot as a tracing image
– Modify > Page Properties> Tracing Image

4. Add your fall, spring, winter, summer image to the page using “AP Divs”
– From Insert Menu> Layout (standard)> Select “Draw AP Div”
-drag a new div over background image where you want to place first image.
-with cursor in layer: insert> image
-contiune to add the rest of the images in their own divs, being careful not to overlap.

5. Add the text “Welcome to the Four Seasons” in a AP Div and define as text fromat as H1. (Hint “Properties” pallet )

6. Convert divs to table:
Modify > Convert > AP Divs to Table (Leave all setting in there default)
If you recieve a prompt regarding overlap, you must go back and adjust your divs so they do not touch
(You may have to go to code view to see any hidden divs you might have accidentally created.)

7. Center Table on page. (Hint “Properties” pallet )

8. Using CSS, make the text red. (Hint “Properties” pallet )

9. Save and upload to the web.